Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It's time for me to make some extra money to help with my huge ass student loans. What better then a tax free income that is creative. Yes, I am of course am talking about commission work.

Availability for requests:

The commission status in the side bar on the main page of my blog will show if I am open for request.

Amount of requests:

One person can only do one request at a time. After one request is done and I am still able to take more you can request another one.

How do I do a commissions request:

Just email me at

Payment for commissions:

Just use my paypal account to send payments


Sketch - $15
Additional Character + $3

B&W Line Art - $20
Additional Character + $5

Full Colored Image (one character and simple background) - $50
Additional Character + $10

Full Colored Image (with background) - Price will depend on complexity of background
Additional Character + $10

(Prices may be higher depending on how detailed and complicated the requested image is)

Changes in price:

Prices may change over time. They might increase depending on if more work is being put into the art then is worth the profit. They also might go down depending on if it seems that I am charging to much for the work.

The Commission process:

1. I will make a sketch of the image you requested. I will send you the image to review to make sure it is to your liking. Any request for changes will take place at this point.

2. I will then begin the inking and coloring

3. After the image is done I will send you a low quality and water marked image. After your payment is received I will send you the full quality image.

Programs used to do art work:

Mainly Photoshop but just might use a little Painter from time to time.

I will draw anyone:

Want me to draw a character you created? One of mine? A copyrighted character? Or all of the above together? I have no problem with any of them. If it is one of your characters I will need reference or a really detailed description.

Somethings I won't draw:

There are themes that I will not accept requests for. Mainly shota involving small children. Others would be scat and major acts of sexual violence. If you want to know for sure if I am willing to do your request, there is not harm in asking.